Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Smart Voter

After three months of model design and another three months of construction, Smart Voter is up and running. We all know the joy that comes with creating something from a simple idea, right. Well, I have build many systems over the years, but Smart Voter has been one of a kind. I have grown so fond of her that every day I have to run it. If you missed my introductions, don't worry, I will write an article on the same.
It just occurred to me that every person who sees the system asks me 'Why Smart Voter'?
Well, I could answer this question from many perspectives starting from a personal perspective to a rather analytical one.
So casting all personal considerations aside, lets take a subject (in this case IEBC).
After looking up the challenges that this organization faces, one can not fail to highlight the following major problems.
i. ...
On second thought, I love my country and because of that,..(Skeleton in the closet) sorry, I just couldn't expose the weaknesses.

Thing is Smart Voter was build with IEBC in mind and it helps solve most of the problems that it currently faces.

Check this channel out for videos on Smart Voter.

Smart Voter on Youtube

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